Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Fetch

by Chris Humphreys
[Book 1 in the Runestone Saga]

When 15 year old Sky's mother inherits an old sea trunk from her mother, Sky is merely curious. He is adapting to a new home and school, and dealing with sleep disorder and bad dreams. After he finds his Norwegian grandfather Sigurd's journal and runestones, however, he becomes more interested--the runes may hold the key to his problems. Soon, guided by his grandfather's spirit and aided by his cousin Kristin, he is leaving his body to visit Viking ancestors. He fights in their battles and lives their lives, discovering aspects of his character that excite and frighten him. Sky's bloody time travels inspire him to go to Norway where he finds that all is not as it seems, and he must battle to save himself and Kristin.

Humphreys obviously knows a great deal about rune lore, and he spends a much time exploring it here. The action is exciting enough to engage a teen boy, but I found that the story bogged down a bit whenever Sky went a-traveling outside his body. This is a bit troubling, since one can only assume that his time traveling will only increase with each new entry in the series. Still, I was interested enough in Sky and Kristin to be eager for the next installment. The Fetch is a good choice for teen boys 14-16 years old who enjoy history and action.

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