Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saving Jake

Are you curious about the paranormal? If so, Ophelia Julien has a book for you! Corts has a gift called psychometry, but he and Jake just call it "tracking." Corts has always had a special ability to just know where lost things are, and then Jake helped him figure out how to "track" things backward to see their past as well. Sounds simple enough, but not all things have a pleasant past. And when Corts tracks things, he sees and feels so much that he ends up drained, shivering, and sleepy -- often falling into a nightmare about dying in a shipwreck during an icy storm... When Jake reappears in Corts' life, after having been away at prep school for four years, he asks Corts to use his "tracking" again. But how can he? Especially since he has sworn off tracking altogether. To find out why he gave up tracking and why Jake needs him to try again, though, you need to read the book! -Hestia

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