Saturday, April 21, 2007

Revenge of the Witch

This is one creepy, scary book. Wow, readers who ask for this type of book will enjoy being thoroughly creeped out. Thomas Ward is the seventh son of a seventh son, and his mother says she gave birth to him one special purpose. Thomas is to become a Spook. The current Spook comes to take Thomas as an apprentice, and Thomas's world will never be the same. There is so much to learn, and he can never write fast enough to get all the Spook's lesson notes down in his journal. The end of the previous apprentice is mysterious and scary. Then, there is Alice. The Spook has warned Thomas about girls and women, and Alice does wear pointy shoes. However, when Alice helps Thomas with local bullies and only asks for the promise of help in the future Thomas cannot tell her no. This promise sets things into motion that will prove to everyone just how well suited Thomas is to Spook work. At the climactic moment when Thomas learns about his own power the biggest surprise is that he is not scared, instead he feels empowered to do the right thing. He knows that he understands what must be done, and that he can successfully do it thereby saving those he loves and becoming a true apprentice. This book is not for the faint of heart. Boggarts, witches and ghouls show their terrible practices killing, eating and being defeated. This is a good vs evil story that works out satisfactorily.

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