Saturday, July 07, 2007

.:: thirsty ::.

"Thirsty" by M T Anderson


Chris is turning into a vampire; each day his blood-lust growing stronger and harder to deny. With the promise of a cure, Chris agrees to help a strange creature named Chet, who claims to work for the Forces of Light. But as Chris is drawn further and further into his mysterious quest, he begins to doubt just which side he is working for. While struggling to do the right thing (and trying to ignore his increasing appetite), Chris is dealing with so much more: his dysfunctional family, his feelings for a young lady, trying to keep his best friends from drifting apart, and avoiding the violent mobs patrolling the streets looking to destroy any and all vampires in their midst.

This book acts as an often funny, often distressing metaphor for teenage life: puberty, sexual awakening, friendship, cliques, parents, siblings, temptation, and the awkward learning curve of learning how to fit into society. Teens will enjoy the vampire theme and the will most likely relate to the frustrations that Chris experiences with his 'problem-filled life.' The story seems a little disjointed at times and I didn’t find the ending to be overly satisfying, but it definitely had me turning the pages and biting my fingernails.

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