Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Psyche in a Dress by Francesca Lia Block

This is a short haunting book full of sensual imagery and exquisite diction. The first book I have ever read by Francesca Lia Block, Psyche in a Dress is perfect for mature teens who may also be dreamers, poets, artists, mystics, etc. This book is not for those in search of plot; although, the plots of several classic myths lie buried beneath Block’s prose. As I read, shifting perspectives caused confusion; but, then I’d get caught by a distinctive image or phrase. Some chapters are enticing, others should have been edited. I would have liked more specific details about the modern lives of Psyche, Echo, Persephone – just a few of the goddesses/gods described in the book. Overall, Psyche in a Dress is a quick and dreamlike read – perfect for those who enjoy fantasy, magic, love, and poetry.

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